We are supplied by multiple manufacturers who offer a complete ranges of aluminum IMPACT hurricane rated new and replacement windows, built specifically for Florida, using the latest technologies for energy savings and severe storm conditions. All of our aluminum IMPACT windows use a frame depth of 3 1/4 inch for superior strength and durability, and double veined felts to maximize prevention of air and water penetration. Pre-loaded spring balancers ensure ease of operation and longer life, and with custom orders can accommodate any glass option including insulated glass for greater energy efficiency. Also available in designer and custom options.

Our Suppliers offer multiple vinyl and vinyl IMPACT hurricane rated windows that are built specifically for Florida’s and the Southeast United States’ varied and extreme weather conditions, including the latest technologies for energy savings, and impact protection from hurricane and storm conditions. We offer a complete range of standard as well as custom replacement or new construction windows, and encourage you to work with our professional sales team to determine which best suits your application, including designer and custom window options.

We offer 3 types of Window and Door installations:

New Construction



Design and configuration is only limited by your imagination. New construction or remodel windows are installed into openings that are custom‐fitted to the window. This provides you with hundreds of different styles and options to create the perfect window.

A quick and easy way to replace existing windows. Replacement windows are designed to fit perfectly inside the opening that is left when your old window is removed. This leaves the interior trim, frame and exterior siding intact for minimal disruption to your home.

Utilize the vast array of Earthwise product types and design options to revise the architectural and aesthetic impression of your home without disruption to your existing window and door openings.

Types of Windows and Doors We Offer


  • For New Construction, Replacement or Remodeling
  • Multi‐panel doors that slide side‐to‐side to conserve space
  • Effortless operation
  • Stable and secure design
  • Saves space inside and out


  • For New Construction, Replacement or Remodeling
  • Fixed Rectangular and Custom‐shaped Windows
  • Combine exceptional design and outstanding performance with products that maximize light, efficiency and security.
  • Compliments existing architecture
  • Provides large viewing areas
  • Allows more natural light into your home


  • For New Construction, Replacement or Remodeling
  • Hinged window that opens outward with a rotary crank handle.
  • Unobstructed viewing area
  • Maximum ventilation
  • Excellent performance ratings


  • For New Construction, Replacement or Remodeling
  • Traditional‐style window that opens by raising the bottom sash or lowering the top sash.
  • Allows ventilation from top or bottom of window (or both)
  • Both sashes tilt in for easy cleaning from inside your home
  • Both sashes can be easily removed for any needed repairs


  • For New Construction, Replacement or Remodeling
  • Traditional‐style window
  • Fixed meeting rail provides superior structural stability
  • Easy installation due to fewer moving parts, Excellent performance ratings