Making that Kitchen Remodel Easier

Making that Kitchen Remodel Easier

By: RxRenovationXperts on June 13, 2015

We were recently remodeling a kitchen in Sarasota and the owner had a plethora of ideas. They showed us all their kitchen layout ideas, they had some estimates of costs, numerous cabinets and counter tops picked out etc. They had pictures of their friend's remodeled kitchens from all over Southwest Florida. We noticed that they were overwhelmed with all the choices in front of them. They had close to 50 different configurations picked out and were lost as to what would make their kitchen remodel worth their time and money. We told them to breathe and follow the same tips we do below:

Don't pick all the same materials

A lot of people when doing a kitchen remodel tend to pick the same look and feel for their cabinets, counters and tiles. Mixing different types of materials adds a certain aesthetic beauty that does not come from a monotonistic kitchen remodel plan. You will be spending a hefty amount of money and it may be the only time you do so. Why play it safe? When people walk into you newly redesigned kitchen, you want them to be drawn in and blown away. When you mix materials, you will achieve this and then some.

Try not to think too much about color

Color is an important factor in a kitchen remodel, but don't let it be the deciding factor of your kitchen. If you are spending too much time thinking about color, come back to it. Also, you can always paint again if need be. If you are truly stuck, always go with a neutral color. This will always compliment whatever materials you may chose and you may just end up loving the neutral color.

Call Rx Renovation Xperts

Let us help you make your kitchen remodel that much more successful. When we showed up to the customer's house in Sarasota, we pointed them in the right direction and eased their choices. We have three decades worth of building beautiful kitchen spaces and more. We know what to do and how to make your dream kitchen come to fruition. Let us help you in your next kitchen remodel. Contact Rx Renovation Xperts for a free consultation.