Choosing A Kitchen Countertop

Choosing A Kitchen Countertop

By: RxRenovationXperts on October 20, 2015

Another key factor in any kitchen remodel is choosing your countertop.  One of the biggest mistakes you can make it choosing the countertop based off looks alone.  Look is a major deciding factor, but you should also consider what material the countertop is made of as well.  Wear and tear of the surface along with upkeep and maintenance should also be deciding factors as well.  For example: If you are a cooking 4 course meals in your kitchen everyday, you may not want to go with white granite.  Below we will go over each type of material and hopefully it will guide you in your next kitchen remodel planning.  


Granite is currently is the number one choice when it comes to kitchen countertops.  Granite is a very beautiful and sleek natural stone.  It is usually very stain resistant and the maintenance on it is minimal.  Granite comes in a wide variety of colors and shades.  Granite's costs also depends on the availability of the stone, the finish and where the granite came from.


Marble offers a soft and sophisticated look to your kitchen.  Marble is a very elegant material and is usually polished to make the veins stand out.  Marble is porous so it does require a little more TLC than granite.  However, it is resistant to cracks and heat.  Marble comes in a variety of shades and colors as well.  Marble is also a little more expensive than granite.  

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel is one fo the most low maintenance counter tops you can get. It is resistant to both heat and cracking plus it is non porous. Stainless is the ideal countertop choice for high volume and commerical kitchens. If you want a sleek, no fuss material in your kitchen remodel, look into stainless steel.

Butcher Block

Butcher Block (Wood) countertops can be a cost effective alternative for high volume kitchens. A butcher block adds a certain rustic feel to any kitchen it is installed in. It is a higher maintenance material. It does not to be oiled regularly and can be prone to heat. However, it can be sanded and refinished easily, which is unlike other countertops materials.


Soapstone is a little more durable then some of the other materials listed here. It is limited in color choice though as it usually only comes in white or charcoal. It is very costly to repair if it does crack and requires regular oiling. However, it is stain resistant and is usually the choice of many wine aficionados.

Solid Surfacing

An acrylic based material that is very durable and low maintenance. Formica, Corian and Swanstone are usually the leading brands of solid surfacing. They can come in a variety of colors and some patterns resemble granite or marble. This is a more cost effective material and can be handy for the budget conscious kitchen remodeler.

Laminate Counters

Laminate counters are the most cost effective material to consider in a kitchen remodel. Laminates can come in a variety of colors. Laminate can also be manufactured to look like almost any of the materials listed above. Laminate is also very durable and requires very little maintenance.

Rx Renovation Xperts always provides free consultation for any kitchen remodel.  Please keep us in mind and we hope this guide helped you plan your next kitchen.